Meet the Maker

Hi I'm Nadine, NUR ORGANICS Founder

I created Nur Organics 7 years ago because I believe self care can be used as a tool to impact people's lives & nature, in a positive way.

Nur [Noor] means light and/or enlightenment in Arabic. I designed this line to enlighten people's consciousness into wellness through nature's bounties. With a focus on essential oils, natural crystals, earth clays & botanicals.

To thank nature for it's gifts to us, I created plantable soaps, which bloom into native flowers that attract more bees, giving nature what it needs to thrive.

Brand Origins How It Started

After a major surgery, I had a long recovery which meant I didn't have the ability to go on my planned trip to the Middle East. Self care was very difficult & the products I did have made my sensitive skin and eczema worse. So I decided to make my own inspired by my upcoming trip, which lead me on a journey to wellness.

After I recovered, I finally went to the Middle East, and had my first Hammam experience. What we know as a modern day spa, a hammam is an ancient traditional communal bath house that has existed for centuries.

The smell of oud & sandalwood burning in the Hammam set the mood as these wonderful ladies read my fortune in a coffee cup. With their henna decorated hands, they wrapped my body in Ghassoul clay & nourished my skin with Argan oil, followed by a saffron and cardamom face mask.

As I sipped refreshing Moroccan mint tea, the ladies showed me how they made their own essential oils by steaming botanicals & grinding their own herbs. They tailor made me my own special blend for flow, bounty and of course, love ♡

I created a range of self care products, inspired by that spa experience, to bring the magic to you, with my own personal style & eco-friendly spin.