How to plant your seeded labels

All of our soaps, and our affirmation cards are made from seeded paper that you can plant. The seeded paper grows native Australian daisy flowers (Bellis Perennis). Follow these simple steps below to plant your daisies and watch them grow

Seedling Care

It's important to ensure these seedlings are placed in an area with lots of sunlight. Water 2 -3 times a week during the germination period. Sprouts should start to develop and grow in 2-4 weeks

Flower Care

When your flowers grow you will start to see the beautiful purple and blue colors blossom. These are characteristic of Swan River Daisies, which are native to Australia. The flowers adapt to the climate and require low maintenance. Be sure to water them 1-2 times a week, and keep them in a sunny area. Ensure your flowers are kept in a sunny spot, and continue to water 1 -2 times a week. When established, they may need to be moved from your jar to the garden or a larger pot.